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Archaeo-geophysics Laboratory

Paleoluminescence Laboratory

Archaeo-geophysics Laboratory

Supervisor: Dr. Yavor Shopov

The Archaeological Geophysics laboratory of Department of Physics of Sofia University is the only one in Bulgaria which develops new geophysical methods and equipment for study of archaeological objects and their dating. This lab has equipment and specialists for using of broad range of archaeogeophysical methods. Here we demonstrate possibilities of these techniques for solving of various archaeological tasks.

Applied Methods

The lab uses following archaeo-geophysical methods for exploration and non-destructive investigation of archaeological objects.

Archaeo-geophysics Laboratory Brochure

Paleoluminescence Laboratory

The laboratory uses methods and equipment developed at the Physics Department. They are subject to three Bulgarian inventions, and one Canadian patent of our laboratory’s team. Some of the devices developed, and used by the laboratory have no analogues abroad, others are subject to numerous attempts of coping or modifing by other laboratories around the world.

The laboratory was created in 2001. In 2005 and 2006, a PhD student from the University of Bologna, Italy was trained for six months here within the European exchange program ERASMUS.

Scientific Fields and Experiments

Paleoluminescence Laboratory Brochure